Trimming cars to higher configurations

Obviously, the term trim or configuration is a fancy way to describe the distinguishable combination of features obtainable for each segment of the same vehicle model. The Higher trim levels have all features which cost the most.

Car trim is the relative difference across the details in The steering wheel, fibre, fender, interior, engine and other core auto parts of a car model we can boldly say automobile makers put extra effort in carving out.

The lowest trim isn’t bad. likewise, the middle ones. They are just ways to properly express what you could be missing out from the fullest trim option. However, you could get to a point that you would want to do away with the present lower trim of the car you drive and decide to upgrade to the fullest configuration

Either you drive a Toyota Camry sedan or Mercedes MLS450 SUV, and you’ve given a thought about converting it to a newer version, then, there you go with a guide that will show you what perk is obtainable if you decide to upgrade your current trim.

luxury car configuration

Taking it through the brand, year and model

These are what you can obtain from our triming solution categorically for:
Sedan upgrade kits

2019 sedan base trim to higher configuration

SUV conversion

SUV base trim to higher configuration