How to make second hand car last in Nigeria

Time duration cars do last

Having just realized that the used car you got from an auto dealer is not going to serve you that much long as a new car. Well, that’s one of the baggage that comes with cheap, anyway! (chuckled to yourself). While on the other hand, you shouldn’t get worried because when you do your homework right, your car should be around for your daughter’s wedding ceremony (that is, if you are that type that likes to keep things that long).

Anyway, things may get out of hand when considering the fact that the car is gonna be used in Nigeria, that’s when we have to mind the tough scenario here.

Avoid over stretching the engine while in the traffic

Part of what you should control in a traffic is to manage how your car runs and moves in traffic. Spending hours in traffic every day while the engine is running isn’t that advisable. So, there is no point having the car engine run for hours while it is not moving. That’s why the idea of car mileage may not be fully relied upon. This is so because the mileage of the car that stayed more in traffic won’t be reflected on the mileage meter but the car engine that keeps running while not moving. The car AC is also one of the key areas in cars that takes a major toll on the engine of a car.

Consider raising the ground clearance

One of the most profound ways to accurately describe how Nigeria road is has got to be based on the general rule that goes by off-road to convenience road factors. The ratio by off-road to convenience road stands at 60:40. The off road is basically synonymous with uneven, untared and inconvenient roads that a car will run through in a lifetime. Cars with low ground clearance will be greatly affected here. The major area that often experiences the most impact is the silencer or the exhaust. So to effectively tone down the damage issue here is to raise the car suspension without compromising the uniqueness of the car.

Put the car in a coma when flooding occurs

Do everything possible not to make your car start in a flooded area, this must stay so because nothing pretty much kills a car faster than a flood. This is just one of the best expert advice you should always stick with in the coming of this natural incidence.

Validate what your car makes use of

The way you take care of your car body really tells how well you take care of your car interior. The kind of fluids that are filled into cars for the purpose of combustion, lubrication, cooling are of different standards. And these are helpful when it comes to properly differentiating the purpose they particularly marked for.

Be vigilant with emergency kits

There are things that don’t need to be enforced before it needs to be done the right way at the right moment, they are just practical to code for survival. I have happened to witness where cars get completely burnt down only just because they fall short of emergency kits recommended for cars.

Double up on your car protection

What can be an unfortunate situation is to see a car you hustled to own for a huge amount of money to get snatched away because you didn’t see it worthwhile to secure it with a car tracker. And this can’t be funnier to see the car painting fade just because the cover that should minimize the exposure to adverse weather conditions is nowhere to be found.

Get upgrade on parts where it is necessary

The importance of upgrading on vital parts of a car can not be overemphasized, upgrading a car can fall into two categories. This may be classified as replacement of a defective part or replacement of a part for improved performance and outlook. Delay on upgrading or changing a part you found having fault can lead to straining or permanent damage on other parts of the car. One very important thing to always stick to is by ensuring your car uses its own OEM parts.

Use the car for what is made for

Using a car for what it isn’t equipped or designed for is a surest way to reduce the lifespan of the car drastically. We have compiled the updated list of the 52 best cars that are profoundly suited to specific needs.

Schedule regular car maintenance

Imbibing the culture of regular car maintenance is one of the major reasons often pointed out by those that had their car last them for long when asked how their car still looks excellent after long years of use. To quickly and effective schedule a car for maintenance can actually be achieved with this step by step Do-It-Yourself car maintenance guide.

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